• Ingredient Superstar: Jojoba Oil

  • Coming Soon - New Products!

    I am excited to announce an expanded product line! I truly can't wait to share them with you!

    The new products include tub teas, bath salts, body oils, creams and serums. One of my favorites is the mango body cream.

    The mango body cream is the most silky, creamy body butter that leaves your skin feeling velvelty and smooth. The ingredients are all natural, mostly organic, and have amazing skin-loving properties. The ingredients include olive oil, mango butter, kokum butter, cranberry seed oil, raspberry seed oil and several others. Trust me - your skin will thank you for this one!
  • Beauty Handcrafted Beginnings

    I am a creator and purveyor of bath, body and beauty products. I fell in love with essential oils when my sister bought some for me and sent me a diffuser. I became interested in learning how to incorporate essential oils into lotions and moisturizers. The rest, as you might say, is history.

    Now that I have spent countless hours learning my trade, researching and experimenting, I am turning my hobby into a business. I want to share with each of you my wonderful creations.